Why WordPress?

WordPress is More Than Just a Blogging Tool

So What is WordPress, Anyway?

WordPress started rather simply back in 2001, as b2/cafelog. It was a rudimentary, simple blogging platform for intranet and private online diary use. Back then, even though people were beginning to become “Internet Millionaires,” very few people indeed understood how important and lucrative it was going to become. WordPress was imagined as a place for grandma to keep her recipes and families to keep their photos. Then people discovered the joys of blogging, and an easy place to post and share became very important.

WordPress was Easy, So It Grew

Fast forward to the present and you will find a highly evolved, stable platform built on the powerful (and free!) MySql database and PHP technologies. WordPress provides a world-class website platform which delivers a robust, full-featured, intuitive, easy to use content management system (CMS) which anyone can use. Best of all, even a fully customized website built on WordPress delivers powerful tools at a fraction of the cost of other big-name web platforms.

When You Need It Done Right, On A Budget

Bottom line? WordPress offers a cost-effective price point which makes it the “simple solution” for any online business presence. Whether you need it for simple blogging or for the more demanding realm of e-commerce, you can pay more but you cannot buy better.

Add to all that robust flexibility the thousands of plugins and widgets made by 3rd party developers at low to no-cost, and you have a system that is truly world-class. No other platform offers you the power to convert site visitors to customers and engage them with all the latest marketing and SEO technologies, as easily and inexpensively as WordPress.

WordPress — We have seen the power it provides and believe it to be the very best platform for your online business presence; that’s why we only support the WordPress platform.

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