Premier Support

Premier Support Means the Following Unbeatable Benefits:

  • White Glove Business Web Hosting. It’s our Specialty.
  • Tailored business hosting solutions.
  • Zero Carbon Footprint; powered by 100% Renewable Resources.
  • Cost-effective & Green—no need to choose between the two!
  • Several packages to choose from with Dependable Customer Service and Tech Support.
  • Consulting for WordPress website design and development based on years of experience; we screen companies that are prospects for building your website.
  • Premier SEO and WordPress Tech Services.

Integris Business Web Services came to be after decades as a local internet business here in Reno. We understand the struggles a small-to-mid sized business can experience. We’ve seen a lot of great business fail, simply because they were too busy focusing on those things they were great at while technology passed them by. We know what it takes to keep you right in front of your potential customers, without you even needing to think about it. That kind of support is what everyone should offer, and we hope they all eventually will.

We know that you offer the best goods and services available in the market, and you expect nothing less from the people who sell to you. Consequently, every step of every process we offer is geared towards your utter delight and satisfaction. We call it White Glove Support. No matter what your budget or current needs, you deserve the very best.

Why Offer Green Business Web Hosting?

  • It is estimated that the energy required to run the internet today surpasses that used by all aviation worldwide.
  • Our green internet solution makes it possible for you and your business to become part of the environmental solution, not be part of the problem.
  • Our servers run on 100% solar and hydroelectric power, not energy credits.
  • Integris Business Web Hosting is proud to offer 100% green web hosting!

Ask about our special non-profit white-glove web hosting pricing. If you’re in the business of doing good, we want to help! Contact us now so we can impress your socks off.