Serious Online Security

We Take Your Online Security Seriously

Your online security is beyond important. To keep your data safe, all of our servers are “carrier-class” computers, exclusively utilizing Intel-based CPU’s housed in a single-company-owned Datacenter running redundant backbone access nodes. The farm itself is located right here in the USA, monitored constantly and maintained by hand-picked American engineers who have passed Security background checks. Your data, intellectual property, proprietary information and personal details are as safe and secure as humanly possible in an Online environment.

While no online security system can ever be called completely foolproof, the systems employed by our hosting company keep pace with every advancement in the field. Our team is dedicated to maintaining your online security, and our reputation speaks for itself. Integris always puts the client first.

High Speed Performance and Computing Enhance Online Security

The Internet servers are built, custom-compiled and optimized for advanced Internet application hosting – providing server speed increases of up to 33% over competitors using default-installed server software. We specialize in custom Linux servers and know exactly how to get the maximum performance for your Internet applications. You will also have access to a wide range of Control Panels to help manage your server, should you like.

By offering you the best solutions for your online hosting and security issues, we free you up to offer the best solutions to your customer’s problems. The less you have to worry about concerning your website, the more time and attention you have to dedicate to growing your business and serving your clients.

From Customization to Online Security, Integris Hosting Has You Covered!

Integris is the complete package: We are equipped to help you with every aspect of your WordPress website, start to… Well, the internet will never be finished. We’ll be with you every step of the way though, helping you grow your business while keeping your data safe.

Contacts us right now so we can help your business enjoy the best online experience possible.