Branding & Distinctive Graphic Design

Branding and Graphic Design is More than Just Your Logo

Your branding and logo must be smart, memorable and easily identifiable, then fully integrated into your whole website presence and marketing campaign. Your branding (logo, message and unique selling proposition) is almost never about you, your company or services. Successful branding and graphic design is about your customers; addressing their needs and identifying their “pain.”

Great Branding Identifies Solutions to Your Customer’s Problems

Your customers and prospects only come to your business if they know “what’s in it for me?” Your branding identifies why they need your goods and services, as well as how you help them solve their problems. Your branding answers those questions in pictures, words, mood and style.

Great Branding Happens On Purpose

Integris Marketing – when it comes down to it – is really just in the branding business. We help create Your Brand and Your Message, then place it right in front of the people who most want to hear it: Your existing clients and potential new customers. We help you get your message out, loud and clear.

Branding and Your Logo Make the Best First Impression

First impressions count. It takes just seconds for potential new customers to form an opinion about your company. It’s tough to recover from a poor first impression, especially when it comes to your branding. Today’s market-savvy prospective customers are more demanding than ever before. So, wasting their time on pretty-but-pointless pictures, confusing overblown market-speak or poor execution will send them packing. Today’s consumer wants the full story. Fast and clear.

Differentiate Your Business From Your Competition

At Integris Marketing, we craft your branding, logo and message to seamlessly tell your story – identifying clearly what makes you a better solution than your competition. Customers need to know at a glance that they’re making the best decision by choosing your product and service. We help them come to that conclusion through compelling branding.

Integris Marketing Integrates Your Goals, Culture and Values

We take the time to integrate all the thinking, planning and creative pieces into something that is founded on your business goals, your culture and your unique value proposition, as well as the values which drive you as a businessperson. We create branding that expresses your company, your story, and speaks compellingly to your customers. Your brand must be an honest portrayal of your greatest points assembled into a language that your audience will hear and respond to. Which is exactly what we do best here at Integris.

Integris Branding Means More Customers, Better Customers, Loyal Customers

We’ll guide you through today’s marketing potentials, then we’ll show you what you can do within your budget to tap into all those great possibilities.
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