WordPress Website Rescue, Repair and Optimization

WordPress Services You Can Depend On

After nearly 2 decades of web development and support, we at Integris Web Services have evolved to become an uber-focused team of web professionals. We specialize in WordPress website customization, optimization, security, enhancements and maintenance, with robust, white-glove high-performance / high-speed business hosting.

In addition, while we excel at designing and building WordPress websites,  we offer so much more than your typical web designer or agency. While many web designers prefer to “be done” after the website design and launch, so they can move on to the next project, we strive for an ongoing, long term relationship dedicated to your online success. While some would leave you, the client, high and dry when edits, upgrades and critical repairs are needed — as they surely will be, we will be there to support you.

Integris WordPress Web Services Will Be There For You

We have chosen to provide cost effective maintenance and upgrade options, which are budget-friendly and tailored to the needs of small businesses who don’t want to worry about their website… ever! After all, what business owner wants to worry about a DoS and DDoS attacks, software vulnerability or security upgrades, when those threats present themselves almost on a daily basis?

Add to that the never-ending requirement for upgrades and customization to stay current with browser and HTML requirements, and you can see the problem.  Neglecting regular upkeep — at best — leaves many businesses in the dust when it comes to web technology. At worst, it leaves their site unprotected; hacked and infected with malicious code, often sending out thousands of spam emails which gets the site blacklisted. 

Our Bottom line… We are a dedicated team that does the work no one else wants to do. We support WordPress website processes, integrations, repairs, updates and upgrades. Long after the initial design team packed their bags and headed off to the next juicy project, Integris Web Services will be taking great care of you and your WordPress website.

Our Reno-based WordPress development & technical support / troubleshooting / repair & rescue team services include:

  • Analysis of your current website for: usability, function, SEO standards compliance, 3rd party integration, W3 Standards compliance, website integrity and level of website security.
  • Conversion of any website to the WordPress platform giving clients the benefit of a powerful and free globally supported content management system (CMS). (migration from HTML sites, Joomla, Drupal, etc)
  • Custom WordPress website development
  • Performing WordPress website makeovers, up-dos and touch-ups
  • Troubleshooting any active website technical problem or malfunction
  • Conversion of your site to a Smartphone/Pad/PDA/Tablet responsive layout
  • Integration of WordPress to 3rd party applications to expand site functionality
  • Integration of WordPress to 3rd party email marketing applications such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, aWeber, etc.
  • Local tech support and WordPress training
  • Installation and maintenance of WordPress-specific advanced site security (basic and premium levels)
  • Creation of WordPress-friendly and user-friendly online forms and surveys
  • eCommerce system for WordPress: including installation, set-up & configuration, testing for a variety of e-commerce platforms such as Big Commerce, Woo Commerce, PayPal, etc)

Learn about the cost-effective and time-saving WordPress Website Maintenance Packages that Integris offers. The best news… They are all designed to protect your website budget, website security and peace of mind.